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18 Jun

In this month’s podcast / video in our “Pathway To Success” series, Katherine Lord (Partner, Danos Group) interviews Elizabeth Willetts, Founder of Investing In Women.

Elizabeth has worked within Financial Services for over a decade. Following redundancy in September 2020, Liz wanted her next role to be part-time, as a working mum she wanted to address the balance between home life and work, but she struggled to find a professional part-time role. Today she is determined to change the perception of professionals working part-time and flexibly, she is launching a job board that is dedicated to promoting part-time (PT) and flexible working opportunities.

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During this interview Elizabeth and Katherine discuss…

  • Benefits for employers including a PT and Flexible workforce, and the positive effects on business productivity.
  • The most important advice for anyone looking for PT or Flexible work.
  • The biggest workforce challenges for people wanting to work in PT or Flexible roles.

And finally, Elizabeth provides her opinion on what see would like to see firms doing to support Diverse and Inclusive work opportunities, and who in the market is leading on this important approach to work. 

Thank you Elizabeth, for your time, insights and advice.

Look out we will be publishing more interviews soon…

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15 Jun

During the pandemic we saw increased community support and large acts of kindness. As firms drive their performance many businesses focus on “how” results are achieved in parallel to “what” is achieved. The “how” are the soft skills, such as kindness, empathy, resilience, ethical behaviour, and other positive character traits. As we move forward, these skills should no longer be viewed as “soft skills” and more like “essential skills”.

Hiring managers deem essential skills, as important as technical skills, if you want to develop yours the process starts with self-awareness and the knowledge of how you are perceived by others. 

Why are essential skills important?

Within the business world, kindness supports a culture in which people feel valued and respected, and if you feel valued and respected you are more likely to contribute more, as you feel confident to share new ideas and solutions, and your general commitment to work is higher.

How to be kind…

  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions.
  • Take responsibility and apologise.
  • Commit to improving on kindness.

Empathy allows us to identify with others and the problems they face. Empathy takes on greater meaning today as the pandemic continues to impact people’s physical, and mental health and their economic well-being.

Developing empathy…

  • Experience the major differences among people.
  • Learn to identify your own feelings – develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Regularly ask others for their perspectives and/or feelings regarding a situation.

Over the last year many people and businesses have shown high resilience levels. A resilient workforce benefits business, people are more motivated, capable of dealing with change, and less susceptible to burnout. It also improves employees’ overall health, as resilience and wellbeing in the workplace are closely linked.

Building your resilience…

  • Learn to relax.
  • Practice thought awareness.
  • Learn from your mistakes and failures.
  • Maintain perspective.
  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Develop strong relationships and networks.
  • Be flexible.

Business leaders are preparing for a future where there will be a greater need for an array of skills – both technical know-how and the essential skills will be required to determine their business success.

At the Danos Group we recognise great talent. We provide the best recruitment solutions for our clients, and we support and guide our talented candidates.

If you would like information on the current market, please contact our functional or regional experts for a confidential discussion.

09 Jun

We are seeing increased interest in Hong Kong national’s relocating to the UK for Compliance roles. If you are from Hong Kong and are a British National Overseas (BNO), you and your family members can apply for a BNO visa, allowing you to live in the UK for a period of 2 to 5 years with the ability to extend.

The UK Telegraph recently reported on the increase of Hong Kong families moving to the UK, and Mark Moorby, Head of Asia Pacific at Danos Associates was quoted regarding local hiring trends.

“The BNO scheme has transformed the Hong Kong hiring market. Normally we would be placing candidates into positions in Hong Kong, but now candidates from there are taking an interest in opportunities in London and the wider UK.”

If you are considering relocating and have existing Compliance, Risk or Legal experience then we can help advise you on the UK market and the best opportunities. Alternately if you are staying in Hong Kong and would like to take advantage of the openings brought about by local staff turnover, please contact us to discuss – the demand for high calibre talent has not been this high in Hong Kong for many years.

Danos Associates has offices in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, and New York. Our regional teams work together to support clients with hiring the best talent from local markets and oversees, and assisting those candidates who want to secure a new role in their homeland or further afield.

With our extensive network, deep understanding of global markets, and experience, it positions us perfectly to efficiently source the best individuals for your organisation.

If you would like to discuss your hiring strategy or the current market, please contact:

Mark Moorby | Lead Partner, Head of Asia Pacific
Tel: +(852) 2870 3007 | Email: markmoorby@danosassociates.com

Denis Spearman | Head of Compliance & FCC Practice, EMEA
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7371 8332 | Email: dspearman@danosassociates.com

UK Telegraph Article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/31/exclusive-independent-schools-reap-benefits-hong-kong-families/

08 Jun

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors continue to grow in importance for Asset Managers, who are under both direct risk (climate-related disasters impacting commodities and global economies) and indirect risk (changing consumer preferences and increasing scrutiny and pressure by governments and regulators). 

Investment managers have the important role of guiding companies to invest in a more sustainable future, not only in the best interest of the planet, but also for savers and investors looking for long-term returns on their investments.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, attention may have been diverted away from the drive towards ESG-focused investing, but as the world begins to manage the pandemic, ESG priorities are emerging once more for both investment firms internally and those firms seeking investment.   

As the “S” in ESG and social data becomes more available and granular, so comes into focus the topic of Human Capital Management, and increased attention on Employee turnover, Labour practices & skills development, and Diversity & Inclusion, and how they impact on companies bottom line – especially given that labour costs can account for as much as 70% of business costs. The pandemic has put a spotlight on employee welfare, it has been reported that investors are planning to press companies for greater transparency on human capital policies and practices, be that living wages, work-life balance, or career development, and those investment firms will need to have their own ESG strategies for credibility.

Hiring strategies can have a big impact on staff attrition rates and the diversity of a firm. As specialist head-hunters we use a research-based approach to identify and develop extensive networks of Compliance, Financial Crime, Risk, and Legal professionals. We target the whole market to identify and headhunt diverse talent – 83% of candidates that are shortlisted by Danos Associates are from minority groups. By retaining the best diverse talent, our clients reduce staff turnover and related attrition costs, increase their business performance, and positively impact their ESG. 

Ed Wacher is a leading head-hunter for Compliance professionals within Asset and Wealth Management focusing on mid to senior level appointments. Having worked in the industry for over 12 years his network is extensive and has a proven track record of delivering assignments in a thorough but time sensitive manner.

If you are looking to hire, please reach out to Ed, who can share his market knowledge and identify the best talent for your firm.

Ed Wacher, Associate Partner
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3889 5756
Email: ewacher@danosassociates.com

07 Jun

Our Singapore business in Risk and Compliance has seen a massive 48% increase compared to last year. With such an increase in demand we are seeing a return of active candidates receiving multiple offers; and as a result, hiring managers are missing out on the best talent. 

The Singapore hiring market accelerated towards the end of 2020 and demand continues to grow. We are seeing that the speed candidates are moving through the interview process has sped up considerably, however the overall time to fill positions has increased, because of: 

  • Candidates having multiple opportunities and wanting to consider all options before deciding. 
  • Large counteroffers being made by existing employers, contributing to wage inflations. 
  • Increased benefits and flexible working conditions being offered to tempt employees to remain in their current positions. 

Being resilient and nimble in the market is the new normal, so we are advising our clients to be as flexible as possible. If you are looking to successfully hire the best talent in the market, hire with confidence through Danos Associates as we…

  • Inform our clients throughout the process of the candidate’s key motivations. 
  • Advise clients on best ways to avoid losing candidates at the 11th hour. 
  • Target 100% of the candidate market – not just the active 20%. 
  • Leverage our extensive networks. 
  • Provide market data on expected salaries and benefits.  

If you would like to discuss our hiring approach and our success record, please contact me for a confidential discussion:  

Adnan Abu Bakr Maddix Maddix | Associate Partner, Head of Singapore | Tel: +65 6950 4505 | Email: adnanmaddix@danosassociates.com

03 Jun

The FCA announced this morning they were extending the end date of the Temporary Registrations Regime (TRR) for existing cryptoasset businesses due to a significantly high number of businesses not meeting the required standards under the Money Laundering Regulations. This has resulted in an unprecedented number of businesses withdrawing their applications.  

Read More From The FCA Click Here

The Danos Group has been at the forefront of the cryptoassets sector for a number of years and has supported numerous, leading crypto firms with both their authorisation and ongoing governance and AML needs.

If you are one of those firms struggling to meet the regulatory standards set by the FCA, we can provide the support you need to advance to full authorisation and into growth stage.  Please get in touch with Denis or Katherine to discuss. 

Denis Spearman, Head of Compliance and FCC Practice
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7371 8332 | Email: dspearman@danosassociates.com

Katherine Lord, Partner & Head of Danos Consulting 
Tel: + 44 (0) 207 010 1153 | Email: klord@danosconsulting.com