• Teams of experienced professionals, working either on-site alongside existing staff or off-site at a fully vetted and approved secure location.
  • Additional support for core areas in times of high pressure, augmenting permanent staff
  • A unique staffing solution that relieves pressure on overburdened departments


  • SWAT TEAM (1) Danos Consulting provided a team of six practitioners on site as a self-contained testing team to work alongside the existing in-house testing function. This team was on site for a period of six months and was in place to assist in the completion of the Compliance Testing Programme.
  • SWAT TEAM (2) Danos Consulting has placed a team of four experienced practitioners on site to clear a size-able backlog of surveillance alerts and to enhance the governance programme.
  • SWAT TEAM (AML) Due to a merger with a competitor firm, our client, a large European Banking Group, needed a project team manage the KYC file integration between the two entities. Danos Consulting provided four skilled financial crime practitioners to navigate the assignment and deliver in advance of the original deadline.
  • SWAT TEAM (MIFID II) Multiple teams have been placed on site for various clients to execute an initial impact assessment of implications of MiFID II and are now in delivery phase of the various workstreams.


Katherine Lord

Partner, Head of Danos Consulting

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