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08 Jul

Hiring activity is now seeing a significant uplift on the previous year. We are seeing an extremely active and fast-moving market across the whole of the US. All our client firms have shaken off any inertia from 2020 and are racing to secure the best talent in a very active market.

Whist this environment sees hiring managers competing with multiple firms for top talent in most hiring processes, candidates are also seeing high levels of competition from their peers when interviewing, as the industry in general is open to opportunity right now.   

While Financial Services Compliance hiring is active across the board, we are seeing demand for strong talent on the buy side and in the general FinTech space.  Financial Crimes Compliance is also seeing a surge of activity with demand for strong talent across sectors. 

Another common trend across the US is compliance personnel wanting to move into a more “developing” or emerging part of the market, away from traditional banking.  Most popular seems to be any firm that focuses on the ESG / Sustainability space.  This sector is also in growth, so is presenting opportunity for talent to make that move away from the more traditional parts of the industry.  

“Return to the office” is a major discussion point generally, but particularly as part of interview processes.  While many firms are realizing that remote or flexible working can be a long-term solution, others are planning a pre-Covid office working situation to be implemented as soon as possible. 

With the levels of hiring happening across the industry, decisions on this subject are being slightly forced, as new employees will need to know their obligations before joining a firm.  In fact, a firm’s “return to the office” policy can be a deal breaker when trying to land new talent.  

From a workforce perspective, the attitude towards working from home seems to be split.  Some people want to be back in a collaborative office environment, while others are eager to retain remote working flexibility and not to return at all to big city office working situations.  

How the industry navigates “return to the office” will continue to play out over the coming months but our guess is that most firms will retain some form of flexible working arrangement for employees, but 100% work from home arrangements will diminish over time.  

For more information on the market or you would like a copy of our latest salary benchmark reports, please reach out to the US Danos Associates team:

Grant Potter | Partner, Head of Americas
Tel: +(1) 212 600 4827 | Email: gpotter@danosassociates.com

Jared Weber | Senior Associate
Tel: +(1) 212 600 4834 | Email: jweber@danosassociates.com

Jolene Lally | Associate, Compliance Consultant
Tel: +(1) 212 600 4903 | Email: jlally@danosassociates.com

30 Jun

It has been regularly reported how technology is creating innovative pathways for criminals to launder the proceeds of their illegal activity, including cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer transactions.  

Advanced technology is accelerating sophisticated financial crimes, and as a result financial institutions are responding by adopting new technologies, such as advanced behavioural analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, deployed well, they can help identify suspicious behaviour, reduce the number of false positives and improve response times. 

Tech-savvy criminals will continue to grow. Financial institutions and regulators must invest in developing new technology toolkits.  

At Danos Associates we are seeing both the authorities and the international banking system increasingly looking to leverage the latest digital technologies in their quest to disrupt financial crime.

The demand for new hires in technology focused financial crime roles is hastening, and there is an increased demand for talent with specialist skills and experience in: 

  • Python for programming SQL & building models. 
  • Transaction monitoring, data visualisation, strategy & optimisation. 
  • Financial Crime data analytics. 

Our clients have expressed their concern that the active candidate pool for these skills is small, they have reached out to us, to use our search skills to uncover talent that is not necessarily active in the market, and we have used our networks and methodologies to successfully fill multiple client mandates.  

If you are looking to hire within financial crime and would like to discuss the current market, please reach out to Claire Singer, who is happy to discuss: 

Claire Singer | Senior Associate, Compliance
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3889 5739 | Email: csinger@danosassociates.com

28 Jun

The Danos Group has published the latest Banking & Financial Services Salary Benchmark Report for US Compliance & Financial Crime roles. This report outlines salary levels for US Compliance & Financial Crime roles from entry level to senior roles with more than nine years’ experience.

Areas included:

  • FinTech
  • Sell Side Compliance
  • Buy Side Compliance
  • Financial Crimes Compliance

The report also includes the current trends influencing hiring and compensation and covers:

  • Market competitiveness
  • Growth sectors
  • Working from home / returning to the office
  • Your career

We also have a dedicated Senior / MD Compensation report available on request.

If you are looking to hire in US Compliance & Financial Crime, or would like to discuss the market, please feel free to reach out to the US Danos Associates team: 

Grant Potter  I  Partner, Head of Americas
Tel: +(1) 212 600 4827  I  Email: gpotter@danosassociates.com

Jared Weber  I  Senior Associate
Tel: +(1) 212 600 4834  I  Email: jweber@danosassociates.com

Jolene Lally  I  Associate, Compliance Consultant
Tel: +(1) 212 600 4903  I  Email: jlally@danosassociates.com 

22 Jun

The Challenges Of Building A Robust Regulatory Framework In The Payments & Cryptocurrency Sector

Thursday 8th July, at 5:00pm (London) / 12:00pm (New York)


Our panel of leading Compliance & Financial Crime experts will be discussing how to build a robust regulatory framework in the most dynamic sectors of financial services.

This event is going to focus on the challenges of building a robust regulatory framework and will be really interesting for anyone who is in the Payments or Crypto space, or is interested in learning more about the fastest growing area of Financial Services.

There will be a Q&A session at the end to address any of your questions.


  • Denis Spearman (Event Host), Partner, Head of Compliance & Financial Crime Practice, Danos Group.
  • Aamir Hanif, MEA Financial Crimes/UK MLRO, Stripe.
  • Thomas Hook, U.S. Chief Compliance Officer, Bitstamp.
  • Alison Clew, Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance, former Citi.



This event is for anyone within the Compliance, AML, or Governance space currently working within the Payments/Cryptocurrency sector or who has a general interest in understanding the challenges of developing a robust framework in an evolving industry.

This online event will help you shape your regulatory framework plans, give you some advice on avoiding the challenges and it will give you some focused time to connect with leaders in your field, and to hear industry expert opinions.


Once we received your registration, we will send you the meeting details. The meeting will be hosted online using Zoom Meeting.


If you have a specific question you would like to ask the panel, please email these in advance to info@danosassociates.com


We like our participants to enjoy our online events as much as possible. We would like to send you a “snack pack” that includes some refreshments for our meeting. These will be posted to you in advance of the meeting. The pack is optional, if you would like to receive this then please provide your mailing address at the point of registration*. (*Sorry only available in the UK and if the registration is received before Sunday 4th July 2021).

Thank You

Danos Group Compliance & Financial Crime Team

18 Jun

In this month’s podcast / video in our “Pathway To Success” series, Katherine Lord (Partner, Danos Group) interviews Elizabeth Willetts, Founder of Investing In Women.

Elizabeth has worked within Financial Services for over a decade. Following redundancy in September 2020, Liz wanted her next role to be part-time, as a working mum she wanted to address the balance between home life and work, but she struggled to find a professional part-time role. Today she is determined to change the perception of professionals working part-time and flexibly, she is launching a job board that is dedicated to promoting part-time (PT) and flexible working opportunities.

Click Here To View The Video

During this interview Elizabeth and Katherine discuss…

  • Benefits for employers including a PT and Flexible workforce, and the positive effects on business productivity.
  • The most important advice for anyone looking for PT or Flexible work.
  • The biggest workforce challenges for people wanting to work in PT or Flexible roles.

And finally, Elizabeth provides her opinion on what see would like to see firms doing to support Diverse and Inclusive work opportunities, and who in the market is leading on this important approach to work. 

Thank you Elizabeth, for your time, insights and advice.

Look out we will be publishing more interviews soon…

Click Here To View The Video

15 Jun

During the pandemic we saw increased community support and large acts of kindness. As firms drive their performance many businesses focus on “how” results are achieved in parallel to “what” is achieved. The “how” are the soft skills, such as kindness, empathy, resilience, ethical behaviour, and other positive character traits. As we move forward, these skills should no longer be viewed as “soft skills” and more like “essential skills”.

Hiring managers deem essential skills, as important as technical skills, if you want to develop yours the process starts with self-awareness and the knowledge of how you are perceived by others. 

Why are essential skills important?

Within the business world, kindness supports a culture in which people feel valued and respected, and if you feel valued and respected you are more likely to contribute more, as you feel confident to share new ideas and solutions, and your general commitment to work is higher.

How to be kind…

  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions.
  • Take responsibility and apologise.
  • Commit to improving on kindness.

Empathy allows us to identify with others and the problems they face. Empathy takes on greater meaning today as the pandemic continues to impact people’s physical, and mental health and their economic well-being.

Developing empathy…

  • Experience the major differences among people.
  • Learn to identify your own feelings – develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Regularly ask others for their perspectives and/or feelings regarding a situation.

Over the last year many people and businesses have shown high resilience levels. A resilient workforce benefits business, people are more motivated, capable of dealing with change, and less susceptible to burnout. It also improves employees’ overall health, as resilience and wellbeing in the workplace are closely linked.

Building your resilience…

  • Learn to relax.
  • Practice thought awareness.
  • Learn from your mistakes and failures.
  • Maintain perspective.
  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Develop strong relationships and networks.
  • Be flexible.

Business leaders are preparing for a future where there will be a greater need for an array of skills – both technical know-how and the essential skills will be required to determine their business success.

At the Danos Group we recognise great talent. We provide the best recruitment solutions for our clients, and we support and guide our talented candidates.

If you would like information on the current market, please contact our functional or regional experts for a confidential discussion.