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04 May

Launch to Day 5 of the “Danos 2020 Challenge for Charity”

We have been inspired by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who launched Our Frontline (a helpline uniting mental health charities in the support for those working on the frontline against coronavirus).

The Danos team will be completing 20 challenges for 20 days, to raise as much money for Mind, who are one of the charities uniting for Our Frontline.

Follow our daily progress on LinkedIn and if possible please show your support for the cause by donating on our Just Giving page.

Thank You

To find out how we did on days 6 to 10 visit our blog, and 11 to 15 visit our article, and visit here for day 16 to 20 (the final)

Day 5 – 20 Hours of Fancy Dress

The Danos team popped on their fancy dress outfits for 20 hours today. Do you recognise any friendly faces?

Day 5 - 20 Hours of Fancy Dress

Day 4 – 2.0 Mile Run

Nine members of the Danos team completed a two-mile run today. For some it was the first run for them in many years, well done for giving it a go. Exercise is linked to improved mental health, it releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improves your mood.

Day 4 – 2.0 Mile Run

Day 3 – 20 Trampoline Jumps

How many jumps can you do? Our team was tasked with 20 trampoline jumps today, well done Katherine and Rebecca.

Day 3 – 20 Trampoline Jumps

Day 2 – 20-Mile Bike Ride

Our team was tasked with a 20-mile bike ride today, our keen cyclists clocked up a total of 111.16 miles (an average of 27.79 miles each).

Well done Dominic, Denis, Charlotte, and Ed – what a fabulous effort.

Day 2 - 20-Mile Bike Ride

Day 1 – 20 Bakes

Today, the Danos Team kick start 20 days of challenges, to raise money for Our Frontline, in partnership with Mind.

We have been busy baking over 20 treats to share with our families and neighbours.

Can you guess who baked each delight? 

Day 1 - 20 bakes