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04 May

We have been inspired by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who launched Our Frontline (a helpline uniting mental health charities in the support for those working on the frontline against coronavirus).

The Danos team will be completing 20 challenges for 20 days, to raise as much money for Mind, who are one of the charities uniting for Our Frontline.

Follow our daily progress on LinkedIn and if possible please show your support for the cause by donating on our Just Giving page.

Thank You

To find out how we did on days 6 to 10 visit our blog, and 11 to 15 visit our article, and visit here for day 16 to 20 (the final)

Day 5 – 20 Hours of Fancy Dress

The Danos team popped on their fancy dress outfits for 20 hours today. Do you recognise any friendly faces?

Day 5 - 20 Hours of Fancy Dress

Day 4 – 2.0 Mile Run

Nine members of the Danos team completed a two-mile run today. For some it was the first run for them in many years, well done for giving it a go. Exercise is linked to improved mental health, it releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improves your mood.

Day 4 – 2.0 Mile Run

Day 3 – 20 Trampoline Jumps

How many jumps can you do? Our team was tasked with 20 trampoline jumps today, well done Katherine and Rebecca.

Day 3 – 20 Trampoline Jumps

Day 2 – 20-Mile Bike Ride

Our team was tasked with a 20-mile bike ride today, our keen cyclists clocked up a total of 111.16 miles (an average of 27.79 miles each).

Well done Dominic, Denis, Charlotte, and Ed – what a fabulous effort.

Day 2 - 20-Mile Bike Ride

Day 1 – 20 Bakes

Today, the Danos Team kick start 20 days of challenges, to raise money for Our Frontline, in partnership with Mind.

We have been busy baking over 20 treats to share with our families and neighbours.

Can you guess who baked each delight? 

Day 1 - 20 bakes

01 May

Danos Associates has published a 2020 Salary Benchmark Report for UK In-House Lawyers in Financial Services.

In this report you will find compensation figures for the following areas:

  • Financial Regulatory Law
  • Derivatives / Structured Products Law
  • Funds Law
  • General Asset Management Law
  • General Banking and Finance Law
  • Corporate M&A / Private Equity / Venture Capital Law
  • General Commercial Law
  • Litigation / Employment Law

Contact Maame Eshun for your copy of the 2020 Salary Benchmark Report, and to discuss your search and selection requirements – meshun@danosassociates.com.

28 Apr

Ever increasing regulation and regulatory change continues to drive hiring across all disciplines of Risk. However, we are currently experiencing unprecedented times with the current global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. This publication highlights some of the key market changes for the Dutch Risk Market within Financial Services and provides current compensation information that is beneficial to both clients and candidates, as decision makers figure out hiring strategies for the coming months, and candidates plan their next career move. 


Model Risk Roles within Dutch Retail Banking

Function Head (12+ years’ experience)€135,000 +
Team Lead (8+ years’ experience)€105,000 to €120,000
Senior Expert (8+ years’ experience)€90,000 to €110,000
Senior Analyst (5 to 8 years’ experience)€65,000 to €90,000
Analyst €50,000 +

*Figures are inclusive of 13th month and holiday pay.
*Candidates relocating can expert an additional relocation support package added to the total compensation.

Market Snapshot

  • The effects of the Covid-19 outbreak have been far reaching across Global economies and has brought into focus the robustness of existing Business Continuity Plans within Financial Institutions.
  • Measures by the Regulators such as the deferral of Basel III implementation, mean that institutions are better able to respond to the impact of Covid-19 by ensuring that the banking system remains resilient.
  • With the revised regulatory deadlines firmly in sight, there remains an appetite to hire strong technical talent albeit at a slower pace than seen in the past two years.
  • In line with current travel restrictions, top of the agenda for Function Heads is the efficient remote onboarding of talent due to be relocating from other countries.
  • The market remains very competitive with the top three banks standing out for their ability to attract international talent.
  • Alongside the competitive compensation levels, the benefit of the 30% tax ruling means that the market remains attractive for internationally mobile candidates wanting to experience life in a different country.

As a headhunting firm that specialises in Risk personnel within the Financial Services industry, we have a global network of professionals and are well-placed to find the best talent.

We have successfully adapted our methods to support virtual recruitment, and we are guiding both clients and candidates effectively through the hiring process. We can also advise and support on hiring strategies, career moves, and general market intelligence on the trends that we are seeing during this time.

If you would like to discuss you permanent or interim hiring, or would like our support or advice, please do get in touch.

23 Apr

There is no escaping it – the whole world is going through monumentally challenging times right now. While recruitment during a pandemic might seem a low priority to some, many US Banking and Financial Services firms are still focused on delivering their key recruitment strategies. With regulation and legislation naturally still in place, these firms still need to fill critical headcount within Compliance, Risk, and Legal departments, which is hopefully reassuring to many practitioners in the industry.

As the industry has been moving towards offering Work From Home (WFH) arrangements for some time – admittedly some firms are more advanced with this than others – the transition to remote working during Covid-19 has been more straightforward for Financial Services than it has been for many other sectors. In terms of recruitment, it has been evident over the last few weeks that the remote concept works for these firms’ hiring processes as well.

“Our focus has always been on recruiting the highest calibre individuals into our firm and the current situation with Covid-19 does not change our approach. We are, however, working with Danos Associates to adapt our hiring approach in this new virtual work environment”, Chief of Staff, Legal & Compliance, Global Banking Group.

Despite the current situation, critical hires across Compliance, Risk, and Legal are essential to businesses. Hiring managers have a clear sense of their talent acquisition needs and are proceeding with their critical hiring strategies, with the hope that when we emerge from this period, they will still have secured the best talent for their teams, despite the social distancing restrictions.

As a headhunting firm that specialises in Compliance, Legal, and Risk within the Banking and Financial Services industry, we are busy supporting those clients who are proceeding with their hiring strategies. We have successfully adapted our methods to support virtual recruitment and are helping to guide both clients and candidates effectively through the hiring process.

We are finding that our ‘bird’s-eye’ perspective on hiring trends across the industry has been useful to both clients and candidates alike during this period, as hiring managers figure out hiring strategies for the coming months, and candidates plan their next career move. We know what companies are looking for, where the talent is, and what it will take to acquire the best talent. This knowledge is paramount for any economic climate, but especially when we are all operating in these unprecedented times.

In our position we are well-placed to find you the best talent. But, importantly, we can also advise and support you with virtual recruitment, hiring planning/strategies, and general market intelligence on the trends that we are seeing during this time.

Please contact me to discuss this further or to ask any questions about the changing landscape.

20 Apr

Danos Associates has published a 2020 Salary Benchmarking Report for UK Compliance Roles within Asset Management.

In this report you will find salary breakdowns for:

  • Retail
  • Institutional
  • Hedge Funds & Private Equity

The report also highlights some key insights, including:

  • The Institutional (including PE & HF) Compliance market has continued to be busy in 2020 with considerable amounts of hiring across all levels.
  • Retail Asset Management sector salaries have not changed considerably in 2020, with base salaries the same as the previous year.
  • The Private Equity and Hedge Fund market has continued to be busy resulting in a small increases to base salaries. Total compensation variance has continued to expand due to company performance. Some high performing funds are paying upwards of 60% bonus to mid-level Compliance officers. On the flip side, other funds who have not fared so well have cut bonus pools resulting in no shortage of good talent in the market.

Contact Ed Wacher for your copy of the 2020 Salary Benchmarking Report and to discuss your search and selection requirements – ewacher@danosassociates.com.

20 Apr

In the current climate virtual interviewing is the norm, here are some tips from Bradley Handelaar at Danos Consulting, to help you make your video interview a success.

Video Interview Success

Presented by Bradley Handelaar, Danos Consulting – bhandelaar@danosconsulting.com

We are here to answer our Clients, Contractors and Consultants questions.

We are running our next session on Monday 27th April – Please post questions on LinkedIn or email klord@danosconsulting.com